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......that feeling when you see your family.


......that captured moment in time.


Imagine the walls of your home featuring artistic portraits of your family.  How might your heart skip a beat? How might your chest swell with love?


The days are long, but the years are short.  Capturing life's most special moments makes for memories of a lifetime. 


As a photographer and as a storyteller, Jessica Booton believes that every portrait and every family tells a story. 


No matter what story you are hoping to share or the joys of life you are celebrating, the blessings of being alive should never be forgotten. 


As a photographer in the Los Alamos region of New Mexico, Jessica Booton specializes in family, children, high school seniors, and personal branding. 


Her work remembers the past, celebrates the present, and serves as a testament for future generations to come.  


Welcome to Jessica Booton Photography.