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If you have commissioned us for a session, chances are you already have or may want to purchase digital negatives from us for your own personal use. When you invest in digital files, you are buying “permission” to copy and print the digital negatives as much as you like. They are for personal use only and and may not be used for ANY commercial purpose. This includes advertising, contests or mass publication (facebook and other social media outlets are considered personal use as long as they are posted under your personal account).


Of course, the best thing to do with your negatives is PRINT THEM! But where to begin?


  • What you don’t want to do is print them on a home printer.

  • Printing is an art. Unless you know what you are doing, it can be challenging to get a quality print that looks like what you see on your screen.

  • Color space, monitor calibration, paper profiles and printer technology are advanced stuff, so we suggest leaving that to the pros.

  • Speaking of pros, when your purchase negatives from us we will upload your files to our consumer online website that offers a collaboration of professional labs. They are  a consumer division of pro print lab that professional photographers use worldwide. Their prices are VERY competitive with other lower quality labs like Costco or Walmart.

  • When we edit your images in Photoshop, we are embedding color “data” into the file that a professional lab with advanced equipment can read. They will print the negatives according to that color data, so the print you receive from them will be exactly as we saw it on our screens here at the studio.

  • You can go online to order your prints in any size and finish. It will be very competitively priced with other consumer labs, but with triple the quality! Plus, they will deliver your prints straight to your front door in a matter of days. Convenient and easy!