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Style Guide for Family Portraits Part 1

Clothing Color and Home Decor

Coordinating what you wear in your session with where you plan to display your images will seamlessly integrate your portraits into your personal space with a custom art piece for your home. By carefully considering your wardrobe and styling prior to your session you can ensure that the color scheme of your portrait session complements your personal decor and style.

When planning what to wear for your portrait session take into consideration the following:

-What is the style of your home decor?

-What are the color tones in your home?

-Where do you plan to hang your portrait?

-How do you want to feel about the portrait five to ten years from now?

Think about your personal style. Do you love rustic elegance? Or do you enjoy a clean, modern look? Does your home have a relaxed, casual and cozy feeling? Or is it sophisticated and elegant? All of these styles are as unique as our clients and are all things to consider when styling your session. This guide should give you an overall idea of how you can take the style and colors in your home and combine them with colors in your wardrobe selection to create a look that will seamlessly and artistically create a beautiful and classic work of art for your home that you will enjoy for many years.

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